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 “Born in California. Since my youth I’ve been collecting Treasured Experiences in the Pacific NW & Beyond. Now I want to share these Experiences with you!” ~S. “Lodhie” Lodhie – President, Low-D Corp

About Us

Our mission is to provide recreation and adventure opportunities to the general public with a focus on education, guidance, preparedness, and planning. We can also be contracted to help you with various aspects of your activities and adventures.

We know that certain activities and experiences provide a level of physical and mental, health and well-being that you will never get from a gym membership or by adding mundane physical exercise to your list of daily chores. We believe that physical and mental fitness should be an unspoken by-product of “doing fun stuff” rather than something you have to make a conscious decision to accommodate.

One of our goals is to make the availability of these types of experiences known to people who would otherwise never consider looking to participate in activities that they have resolved to be beyond their reach or only something to read about or see on TV and in movies. Many individuals, and groups of individuals, especially in large and inner city environments, live out their entire lives without ever considering the self empowerment and enlightenment they can achieve by (for example) learning how to handle themselves in a wilderness survival situation.

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