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We are a company committed to create engaging Virtual Worlds by turning the boring 2D web into an exciting 3D experience.


We developed the first and most advanced 3D web browser to explore thousands of users generated virtual worlds.


Our unique platform enhances existing global communities through the establishment of inter-connected worlds and virtual social groups.

About Us

The vision of our team is the creation of a welcoming, immersive Virtual World Web by bringing people around the world closer together in a new spirit of partnership and friendship.

About Us

Virtual World Web is simply the next generation of the Internet– A virtual world of interconnected 3D communities that aim to deliver an interactive cyber-experience that is far more exciting than the flat Web that is in popular use today. Our groundbreaking technology and innovative software is revolutionizing the way people relate to one another online and how they choose to undertake their virtual experiences. Today, Virtual World Web introduces an entirely new way of social digital communication. We create multiple environments that are uniquely different for user experiences that are unlike any other in live entertainment, online dating, charitable and social events, including ecommerce business practices and education. As well, we’re offer offbeat digital marketing solutions that allow businesses to reach our ever-expanding subscriber base of over 9 million users around the globe.

The spread of Virtual World Web has proven faster than the growth of the early internet itself, and is continuing to build momentum since the first virtual world web went viral May, 2006. Virtual World Web is a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC. Management of the company includes several of the most successful early developers and pioneers of the internet.


Virtual Vancouver

Virtual Vancouver is a social experience within a 3D virtual reality space, this online community is a site loosely modeled after Vancouver, British Columbia. It gives users the chance to experience virtual dance clubs, entertainment, local artisans, movie theaters and retail shops. Additionally, Virtual Vancouver serves as an avenue for local based businesses to promote and advertise their services. View Online

Uther Academy
VWW Academy is the new generation of online education that brings the experience of learning to a whole new level. VWW is merging the accessibility of online education with the benefits of working in a classroom. Classes and meetings are held in a multi-user 3 dimensional environment, using voice and text communication combined with audio video teaching tools. View Online

Uther Interiors
Drive sales and expand your client base by turning your real estate properties into 3D Tours. Turn your home into a Virtual Property to help make design, décor, and home improvement decisions. Your clients now have near unlimited access to information. 3D Home Tours are your chance to provide the latest in Real Estate Marketing Technology to draw even the most discriminating buyers to view your properties. View Online

3D Tunes
3DTunes.com is a free 3D download that sits on your desktop. This Virtual World allows karaoke Kings and Queens to unleash their inner Rock Star on a Virtual Stage. Each member can customize their own Avatar that reflects their personal style to interact with others and perform in front of live audience. View Online

UtherConvention is the FIRST convention planning and execution company that holds complete VIRTUAL conventions. Our team of experienced digital event planners, multimedia artists and technical support staff combine their efforts to ensure each convention is visually stimulating, interactive and engaging. View Online

WoW Fancon
VWW held the first ever World of Warcraft Fan Convention called “WowFanCon” on Oct 7 & 8 2011. This event was held entirely in a Virtual World featuring 4 guest speakers and 29 exhibitors in 5 rooms followed by after parties and sponsored give aways. We brought about 3,500 WoW enthusiasts from around the world. View Online

Utherverse Wiki
The Utherverse Wiki is a comprehensive compendium of information about all things Utherverse.  User  moderation keeps the wiki up to date with the most recent information. With easy navigation, it is simple to find topics on everything that Utherverse has to offer. View Online