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Virtual 3D Cities

Twinity is a 3D online world made up of virtual cities in Europe as virtual London and in U.S. as virtual Miami. The kind of virtual city full of opportunities and promise you are looking for, without traffic jams, bad weather and pollution! Want to know more? Read on! 

virtual citiesYou can create avatar and chat, in a large community of users and meet new people
Pick up your style and follow the celebrity fashion or only the latest fashion you prefer. Chat in 3D with the other avatars, the 3D avatar chat is free. 

To join the community, download the client, it is easy and quick. 
Chat, have fun and meet new friends, you can also find your soulmate! You have a lot of opportunities in our virtual world

virtual citiesDuring the first few minutes you will learn how to walk and customize your avatar. Once completed the welcome tour you’ll receive your starter apartment for free or check for the home of your dreams. 
Yet Twinity, isn’t just another Second Life and IMVU, inspired by real life cities, which pays specific attention to the user online community.

Join the Twinity 3D Chat

Join the conversation and start a 3D avatar chat! Interact with people in Twinity and start a friendship in a virtual world with real people. 

3D chatMeeting friends in a virtual world can be really exciting, you can interact with people and start a virtual chat room with them. Socialize with people all around the world, with your avatar you can manage a party in your own place and meet new people

The Twinity chat rooms are adult chats, because you have to be at least 18 to play in our virtual world. 
Make your avatar and chat there are a lot of user that want to be friends with you, start interacting with the other members you, with a 3D chat you also have some keywords that make your avatar move in several ways.
Twinity is a virtual world powered by real life, you can move and chat in real cities, partecipate to quiz and gamesflirt and find your soulmate.

3D Avatar

A 3D Avatar is an extension of you, that walks, talks and even dances like you! You can choose what he or she looks like what he or she wears, dances to, is friends with. 

create your avatarYou can put your best face forward and use Twinity’s Photofit application to show your true self by designing your own custom avatar. Through the application you can create a replica of you in a 3D character model or maybe you prefer something different, you can dress up the virtual you and partecipate to free chat rooms or dance with other users. 

In Twinity your avatar can walk or drive a car inreal cities, can buy or rent an apartment, but alsoexclusive yacht in a true-to-scale wharf. 

avatar 3dYour avatar can partecipate to eventscontests and can also be a model, try it and join the community now.
Twinity is a world of 3D chat avatars, fun, games and opportunities! Come on, dress up girl and boy, it’s time to interact with real people in a virtual world!

A community to chat and have fun!

Twinity is a chat community based on online virtual worlds, it is a social game where you meet real people to flirt and date, but also to socialize and have fun.

twinity mentorsTwinty is an MMO where you can find a 3D avatars chat, there are always people to talk to and dance with, you can meet users all over the world and maybe you can find your soul mate…Our shops, clubs and cities are always open to anyone that wants to have fun with other people. 

The Twinity team and the users are running events24 hours per 7, you will never be alone in our virtual world!
Our live community partecipate and create Parties, Tutorial appointments, Contests, Play Roulette orQuiz and any kind of events you can think about, there are events for Mentors and there is a Language school too.
Our goal is: get social in Twinity! 

chat and flirtFind people with the same interests you have, join up a group and express yourself.
We have different Groups for every kind of interests: Models groups, gorups for New Members, for Creative, for Musicians and many many more. 
Our true to scale cities are built to give you the same feelings you can have in a real city for example you can manage a party in your ownplace
To keep our community alive we organize contests, city tours, games and quizzes, and when someonemeet love we organize weddings too.

Be a Model in Twinity!

Calling all Twinity models! Come here, create your avatar and share your talent: be a model! We manage every week models events in our virtual London, Berlin, New York. If you would like to participate check our events calendar and take part to the catwalk or to the photoshooting. The models will have pictures on our Facebook page. 

twinity modelsInstructions: 
1. Register a FREE account on our website.
2. Download client and create avatar.
3. Customize your avatar’s look and clothing. Twinity is a cool online games for girls, it won’t be difficult to find the latest trends, you can buy a lot of interesting items in Twinity shops. 
4. Take a look to our events calendar, our Shop Manager has few events for models and gives you Globals too.
5. Buy model pose in our 2D shop (you can find them also in virtual New York)
6. Practice your poses and outfits in the Twinitzens Photostudio.
7. Join the Models group and get update of new events. 
8. You can also partecipate to the Avatar of the Week event. 

next top modelBe a Model is a job in our world, imagine being the next top Model for Twinity.
You need to be updated of the latest fashion for girls and boys, and pay attention to the hottest trends.

Shopping virtual world tour

The shopping tour is designed for you to experience a more comprehensive Twinity shopping experience. Create your free avatar and discover our fashion game. 
On the tour, we will introduce you to our finest boutiques and shopping districts in all our virtual cities.

virtual tourOnce you make an avatar you will customize the look and the clothes. If you are in virtual Berlin you can discover Hackescher Höfe, our shopping district in Berlin, featuring 22 great shops in the area. Other than walking down the street, you can also use mini-map to locate the shops. 

We offer you several kinf of shops:

clothes shops,

furniture shops

and animations shop.


    1. The fashion shops have the best quality fashion ever, starting from the HipHop 


    1.  till the latest 

celebrity fashion

    1. The furniture shops offer you great and various styles for your apartment decoration. Something for the balcon, something for the kitchen, something for the living room etc etc.
    1. Animations shops are all about dance and pose to give your avatar the proper way to express himself. 

Romantic couple animations
Are you a good kisser?
Don’t be shy! You’ll have a chance to find someone to hook up with at the party! Dress up and take part to the latest party! You can dance 3D and be part of a romentic game. 

animationTwinity offers a wide range of animations, but the most succesfull are the animations for couples
You can dance a 3D tango, merengue and charleston; 
you can hug and kiss and be romantic; 
you can flirt or be friendly clapping an high five to a mate of yours; 
you can fight with pillows or play an instrument.
One of the most funny way the Twinizens are choosing to express themself is dancing 3D, because when they are having fun they want to dance and show to the others how cool they are. 

In a virtual online game the body language is important as in real life. In Twinity you will be able to animate your avatar in several different ways: dance, gesture, body expressions.
The animated objects in our catalogue are helpful to warm the party and give fun to everyone. 

Our catalogue offers also adult and sex animations, available only in few places. 

Machinima tutorial
Movie1) Optimizing your System Settings in Twinity
Antialiasing is a technique to reduce unwanted jaggies effects in computer graphics. Your video will look a lot better with activated Antialiasing.
How to activate Antialiasing in Twinity:
Log in to Twinity
Click on SYSTEM
Change to the DISPLAY tab
Choose at least 4 in the drop down box next to Antialiasing for best results
Click on DONE

Ambient Occlusion
Ambient occlusion is a shading method used in 3D computer graphics which helps add realism to local reflection models by taking into account attenuation of light due to occlusion. Right now you can either activate Antialiasing or Ambient occlusion in Twinity.

How to activate Ambient occlusion in Twinity:
Log in to Twinity
Click on SYSTEM
Change to the DISPLAY tab
Activate the checkbox next to Ambient Occlusion
Click on DONE

2) Video Recording
Recommended software
Fraps (Freeware) 
Fraps is a screencasting program. You can easily record directly in Twinity. The free version is only capable of capturing videos, that are not longer than 30 seconds.

CamStudio (Open Source) 
CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files.
How to record a video in Twinity using Fraps
Start Fraps
Choose the folder to save your videos in (Movies Tab)
Be sure the checkbox “Hide mouse cursor in video” is activated (Movies Tab)
Start Twinity and minimize Fraps
A yellow number will appear in the top right corner of your Twinity window
Go in Twinity to the location you want to make a video in
Push the F9 key to start capturing your video
The yellow number turns red to show that Fraps is capturing
Push F9 to end capturing your video
Find your video file in the folder you chose before

3) Audio recording and editing
Recommended software
Audacity (Open Source) 
Audacity is an open source audio editing program. You can record your voice or other sounds, edit it and export it in many different formats.

Windows Sound Recorder (included in Windows) 
Sound Recorder is an audio recording program. It’s the easiest way to record sounds, but its functions are very limited.
How to record sounds (using Audacity)
Start Audacity
Choose your microphone in the drop down list
Click on the record button to start recording
Click on the stop button to end recording
Choose “File” -> “Export to wave” to export your sound

Videos made by Twinity

Rocking the Metaverse

Twinity Miami Southbeach

4) Video editing and converting
Recommended software
Windows Movie Maker (included in Windows) 
Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing software. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie.

SUPER (Freeware) 
SUPER is a powerful tool to convert your videos into the format you wish. Several inculded codecs make it easy to find the best format for your project.
How to edit and convert your video using Windows Movie Maker

Open Windows movie maker
Drag and drop your video from your folder to the empty space in the middle of the window
Drag and drop your video from the space in the middle to timeline on the bottom into the “video” section
Drag and drop your audio file from your folder to the empty space
Drag and drop your audio file from the space in the middle to timeline on the bottom into the “audio” section
Adjust the length of your files by dragging the ends to the length you want
Add effects and transitions if you want
Save the movie in a folder of your choice via “File” -> “Save Movie”
How to edit and convert your video using SUPER

Drag and drop your movie to the grey area
Choose your file formats, video scale, aspect, quality etc. in the “Video” and “Audio” sections
Click on “Encode”

Videos made by our Twinizens

Botgirl in Twinity

Twinity “Spirit” Dawn Patrol

Das Ende der Stadt

LinkinPark at Berlin Twinity

Sound streaming
Not only can you direct your own movies but you can also stream your own music in Twinity. To learn how to do this, take a look at the sound streaming tutorial. 

Free starter apartments
After completing the Welcome Tour, you will automatically be given your own free pre-set starter apartment in virtual Berlin.
The free apartment will be empty when you recieve it and it is up to you to decide how you want to decorate and furnish it. 

virtual homeIn the Twinity client, there will be an option to take a quick tutorial where you will learn how to add objects, change the style and rotate the objects.
Once you make your avatar you can do anonlinemakeover of your own place, with the itemes you prefer. 

Berlin is the best virtual city to start a place, and once the apartment is all furnished, it is time to invite friends for a housewarming party. This is also a way for you to achieve badges and meet new friends
There are 4 badges related to your own apartment:
* I am a Host,
* Good Host 10,
* Home, sweet Home
* People’s Choice Award Apartment 10

rent out

Apartment Hopping event
Get your free starter apartment now

Virtual cities, real estate
Twinity is a mirror world that shows true to scale real cities, like virtual Berlin, virtual London and so on. 
A live community is chatting, driving 3D vehicles, dancing and having fun in our virtual city game. Joint the our virtual online game 

virtual new yorkIf you never visited Berlin, London, Singapore, Miami or New York in Twinity you have the chance to do it and discover interesting spots of our cities like in real life. You can be a virtual tourist invirtual cities
For example Twinity users can meet friends in virtual Berlin to get a taste of Berlin’s famous nightlife and experience the art community by visiting its virtual real-world galleries and clubs. Contact our city builders and ask them for your hometown in 3D… 

Meet real people in our community and have a look at the famous historical sights, members of the 3D virtual world of Twinity can take a sightseeing tour of Berlin in 3D and enjoy landmarks, city streets, shops and cafes. Buy a home in our virtual London close to Piccadilly Circus, you can do it through the Real Estate agent

virtual berlinWhat better way to explore our intricately detailed cities than with a scavenger hunt in each? You’ll visit interesting spots in each city and find free presents hidden along the way! Once you do a scavenger hunt you will get achievements too! Check the secret badges in evey city.

We support your events in Twinity!
Bigpoint_seafight_01Event Contest to Win 50 Euros!
He who has the most Twinizens as guests on his event willget 500 Globals – once per week. Simply send a postcard to event(at) – the number of guests in the picture counts! 

If your party has the most visitors in the whole month, you get 50 euros! The only conditions:
You must not be affiliated with Metaversum GmbH in a professional relationship
Your event must have been announced in the event calendar
Your guests must have been invited in a ‘nice’ way
The Twinity team wishes you fun at your event and good luck in the contest!

How to Host Your Own Party
You want to host your own party? To put your event in the event calendar:

Click on “Community” in the top bar. To add your own eventclick on the green “New” button above the list of events.
Add a nice picture, choose a date and a place. Then click “Save”.

Bigpoint_bzone_01_smWe would like to support you in different ways:
250 globals to get the party started: Send an in-world message to Jane zitty with “My first event” as the subject.

3D chat, flirt and date!
Flirting is much more than just a bit of fun and more than avatar and chat: it is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction. Anthropological research shows that flirting is to be found, in some form, in all cultures and societies around the world. 

3d chat and flirtAt its most basic, flirting is a way to meet potential mates and see if they’re compatible. In somesituations, such as at a dance or a party, flirting is the only way to open the door to a romantic relationship with someone you don’t know and might not otherwise ever see again.
Twinity is a chat community and it is a place where you can find friends with adult chats, with 3D avatar chats…but is is not only that, of course. 

Sometimes words are unnecessary when you have met someone special. What better way to express your feelings is there, than trying the pair animations together with The One that makes your heart beat a little bit faster? You can kiss and hug him/her as often as you want! And if you haven’t got that far yet, there are more discret flirting animationsif you want to show your interest in a more subtle way… 

date 3DWalk through our true to scale cities and find your vurtual soul mate. Create your 3D avatar, style him and look for the place to be. There are several events and social situation you can go to: the quiz game or the casino are only examples. Over time several couples have met inworld and started real relationships. 
There is even one couple, coming from different continents of the world, that has gotten married in real life.

Virtual Word
Virtual World is a space for an online community which looks and feels almost like the real world.

virtual worldPeople are represented by avatars, and they are able to carry our activities that they can do in real life, without the constraints of real space, such as, having a 3D chat with people who are thousands of miles away (even with voice on VOIP!), modelling without the bother of glue and paint, hanging out invirtual cities and even owning a 3D apartment in areas which would be out of reach in real life! 

virtual world

  1. which you can achieve now when you have your own apartment. 
  1. Show the best kept or best designed apartments, created by Twinizens to other Twinizens, in an attempt to o inspire other users to 
  1.  apartments , to showcase their apartment to the community. 
  1. You should take part in our 

Twinity does exactly this! Twinity is a 3D Virtual World currently spanning Virtual Berlin,Virtual London and Virtual Miami, where you travel as an avatar, own 3D Apartments and have a 3D Chat, through text or VOIP, with people from across the world!