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moove online - your first personal 3D world on your PC - individually customizable - with fun, excitement and amazing possibilities for 3D chat and more

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 Move In Your Private, Virtual 3D World Move In

This revolutionary virtual 3D chat world is installed on your own computer. Therefore you will NOT receive messages like “server temporarily unavailable due to maintenance”.

  • Your moove online 3D chat world is always available to you and can be used offline
  • Keep your privacy
  • Customize freely and individually
  • You alone decide the look of your
    3D chat world
  • You alone decide what will happen in your 3D chat world
  • You alone control access to your
    3D chat world
  • You can even protect access by password
  • No “surveillance” as in other server-based online worlds
Decorate Your Virtual 3D Chat Rooms Decorate Your 3D Online Home

You will receive an unlimited number of 3D rooms – create as many as you like. 

  • Decorate the rooms with usable, interactive 3D furniture, your own pictures, graphics…
  • Paper walls
  • Install mirrors
  • Change the lighting
  • Place furniture wherever you want it
  • Lay carpets
  • and much more…

Take a stroll and be amazed at the creativity and loving detail evident in our members’ personal worlds.

Dress Up with the Actor Studio Dress Up with the Actor Studio

Create your own personal 3D online avatars. (moove call them “actors”) 

Virtual 3D Chat in Your Virtual moove World Chat with moove online Friends

Explore the virtual 3D neighborhood.

  • Use the Visit & Chat list of the moove online community – this list is sorted by your interests
  • Click on a name and you are on your way to the chosen member
  • Visit others and be visited – find a new love and marry virtually
  • Exchange files and show your own pictures

Voice and Webcam

  • Use webcam and voice support to get to know your chat partner even better.
  • Have a look at the photos of our members: Picture Gallery
Shop For Free

Visit the up-to-date free shop. 

  • Simply choose from actors, fun actors, outfits, furniture, decorations, carpets, mugs, vases, baguette, laptop, and much more…
  • All items will be downloaded and installed automatically. One click – and the beautiful couch will decorate your 3D room.
Creating own Avatars, Rooms and Furniture Creativity

moove online 3D chat world is an ideal platform for especially creative members. We offer:

  • special tools and programs for creating your own 3D avatars, postures, movements and
    decorations for the moove online
    3D chat world.
  • interactive tutorials
  • help pages with detailed examples
    and tutorials
  • import tool to integrate your own 3D objects…
  • Read more about the features here.
    • Actor Studio – easily create your very own actors: Just select clothing, accessoires – choose colors you like – done! 

    • New realistic clothing technology: E.g. the skirts move softly with the legs 

    • Optional 3D-hardware accelerator supportfor realistic shadows, reflective surfaces etc. You can also change the lights in your room: Dimming, coloring etc.

    • New fully adjustable camera follow-the-actor

    • Selectable rotation for wall paints

    • Separate folder for wall paints; no more mix-ups with other textures

    • Improved signalling of incoming visitors

    • The tool for creating the outfits (for the Actor Studio) is included

    • Introducing a new actor format (.act files) containing all the resources for an actor – no more problems with name conflicts etc. Of course the previous actor files are still fully supported.

    • Every nick name has separate chat log files, which are kept on daily basis.

    • Improved signalling of incoming visitors

    • The tool for creating the outfits (for the Actor Studio) is included

    • Introducing a new actor format (.act files) containing all the resources for an actor – no more problems with name conflicts etc. Of course the previous actor files are still fully supported.

    • Every nick name has separate chat log files, which are kept on daily basis.

    • The new browser works around the operating system limit on the number of BMPs etc., i.e. the “BMP max out” problem is gone.

    • moove Roomancer styles. Users can completely change the look of the browser. Members interested in creating their own styles are invited to download the moove Style Compiler.



    Actors with real facial expressions: Moving eye lids, bulging eyes, a tongue. There is also a fun-to-use expression editor.

  • A new house display: All rooms and visitors are displayed in a graphical window. This allows you to chat with your visitors without even entering the room.

  • Simplified user interface using “Showcases”: These are graphical windows giving you direct access to postures, actions, etc.

  • Put in Doors to any room of your house


Voice chat (this requires DirectX 8) with video captured pictures.


Get your membership in this revolutionary 3D chat world completely for FREE.



» Meeting people, visiting, decorate home, clubs, dressing actor, even votes, i’ll call it its real life at dream side 

» I like the graphics, the rooms, the characters, the way you get to customize everything and i mean literally EVERYTHING makes it the best 3D chat clent on the net. 

» I absolutely love what Moove has done here. I am very impressed… and hooked on it. The vast majority of the members here are very nice people. There is usually someone around more than willing to help, whether one is a newbie or a long-time member. Being able to create every aspect of my character is awesome. Even better, creating files so ther members can customize their characters is very rewarding. Things like that are what has me so addicted to this wonderful program, and are the reason I bring in so many new members. Even if they choose not to pay for memberships, at least they get the opportunity to see what a great experience it is to be in Moove. 

»5 Stars at
Alexa Certified Traffic Ranking for

»Review at
Moove yourself! This chat service is the tops. I’ve met lots of decent folks so far, and it’s the best service I’ve used.
White_Tiger1968 “Tig”

» World Of The Month, Virtual Worlds Review

» “Today’s pick: moove Online 2.0. The extra O is for extra online! moove joins the ranks of […] avatar-populated virtual worlds […] with an entire virtual… world? planet? dimension?… dedicated to the fine art of hanging out. moove boasts plenty of customizability, including a great deal of control over your avatar’s actions, and lots of options for decorating your own little home inside the PC. It’s all based on peer-to-peer technology, so there are no monitors lurking about, though there is a matchmaking service to help you find like-minded pals.” 
USA Today Tech Section “Pick of the day”
USA Today

» “I am pleased with moove as this is a great program, best on the internet!!
I can wander around and chat if I am up to it!!
I am able to close up into my house and decorate until my heart is content!!
I can play dress up whenever I feel like it!!
I can sit and think up new things to learn and then learn and do them!! […]

» “YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Go moove […], honestly before i was introduced to moove i was ready to turn off the pc forever and never chat again but this sparked a new enthusiasm within myself and i spend lots of time decorating, […] i find it great stress relieving and damn right creative, gawd i’ve design my dream home and printed it in different version and variations, oh and ummm i am learning how to make acts. […] 20 thumbs up to moove”

» “I downloaded this program […] not sure if I would like this kind of thing… never having tried a virtual community before… WOW is all I can say! I am so very pleased. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I have had the time of my life decorating my new ‘house’. What a blast to create your own world. Thanks Moove!”

» “I’ve tried quite a few 3D virtual programs, but I believe that moove online is by far the best of the bunch. 
Some of the features that make this a great program are: PRIVACY, the types of interactions capable between members, the ability to broadcast webpages, customizable house, actors (avatars) and postures, excellent graphics, webcam and voice transmission capabilities, and above all, a helpful staff.
I highly suggest you give it a try, you won’t regret it!”
Review by Hawg_Rider

» “It is the best chat I have ever been in on the Internet. 
There is love and romance everywhere, so it is the best place to meet and find a partner which may even end up in real time as well. […] I have been here for over three years now, and never regret coming here, in fact I look forward to being here each day to be with my friends and loved ones. I have found my true love here in [moove online]!
Thank you [for moove online], I love it!”

» “I absolutely love the 3-D World of moove. The enjoyment of decorating my online home is totally awesome and I love being able to visit other members in their homes to see the difference in personalities each have. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the adventure!”

» “Amazing site! The graphics are almost real and the chat is just fabulous!”

» “The moove team has opened many doors for us all.Not only by allowing us the freedom to express our creativity but also by developing user friendly tools and environment to do so. They have provided us with all this as well as a home and family, which is rare to have in these fast growing times when the so called “little” people get lost in the big companies. 
I hope that you all enjoy moove as much as I do. Have a wonderful time and allow yourself to dream ~smile~.”

» “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of this great site! Many warm & friendly people are here. I’ve so enjoyed my first days here, I hope to be involved with the community. I will be inviting others, you can count on it!”

» “Once you’ve loaded their chat browser, you can create your own personal 3D house where your avatar friends can drop by for a visit to exchange messages, again all in real time. I found it a fun way of messaging.”
BBC World Online

» “I want to take this time to say thank you for this program. It is the best, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy being part of moove.”

» “I would just like to say how much I am enjoying it and that I am now creating my own actors …”

» “I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely impressed with the […] improvements. It is a fantastic improvement on what was already a wonderful program! […] Also, the rendering engine with the Directx8, provides such superior graphics, not to mention the great reflective surfaces. It has opened up an entire new “world” of decorating and beautifying our rooms. The camera functions are also something that helps a lot as well […]. Once again, I thank you.”

» “Moove 3D Virtual World. Join a role play game in this virtual 3D environment or just build/decorate your own home and customize your avatar, best 3D avatars on the Net! In other words, its a graphical chat room.”

» “Addicted to rose (moove Roomancer)

Everybody knows
that I’m addicted to rose
I’ve been there over a year
and have to give a cheer
It is always so much fun
like dancing in the sun
And yes you can do that too
for an island is a room
you can meet and chat with friends
but if they poof e-mail sends

Everybody knows I will always be on rose
you can lay sit and stand
and even shake someone’s hand
you can decorate your house
or find a virtual spouse
You might clap dance or jump
smile laugh or be a grump

Whatever I decide to do
on rose it’s all more fun with you”

» “I have enjoyed decorating in [moove] Roomancer. There is so much you can do there. […] I love it.”

» “[…] refashions the tired Web conventions of online communities into a gamelike experience.”
I.D. Magazine

» “I wanted to write and compliment the creators. […] I’ve been enjoying creating new rooms and decorating here […] The colors are rich and vivid. Thank you for the wide variety of furniture you’ve provided us with. The wonderful room painter and image importer have made me hopelessly addicted. […] The luxury sofa makes a gorgeous headboard.”

» “I am new here and I wanted to say this is an incredible community, I have chatted many places, but [moove online] is the ultimate! Everyone here is so nice and helpful, something you don’t find in most chat communities. […] I am so happy to be a member of such a wonderful community! I look forward to meeting and making new friends, and I had to say thank you for providing such a wonderful service.”

» “It’s great fun!
Sandy Ressler,, Focus on Web3D

» “This is one of the most exciting and challenging virtual 3d programs created out there in cyberspace.

» Create just about any kind of room or outdoor scene imaginable, and dress and design your avatar to just about any possible style– or none at all!! It’s Erotic, Exotic, and Unexcelled !
ZDNet India

» “It is unique because of its 3D capabilities, allowing each participant to physically interact with others just as in real life. The ability to build and decorate personal rooms for these activities is a huge bonus.”

More Information:Please send a mail to

Get your membership in this revolutionary 3D chat world completely for FREE.


Forming Virtual Teams Establish your own closely knit friendship circle in your moove 3D chat world. 

  • Get together with especially close friends and form a team!
  • Finally you can put together your virtual family.
  • Make your favourite buddy a minister or even a king or queen.
  • Play your very own special role playing game.
  • Whatever you and your team members feel like.
  • Use your titles, medals and your shared team picture to indicate that you are part of a very special team.
Clubs in Your Virtual 3D World Clubs are very popular, because all members can easily and quickly access them.

  • Set up a business club or a private club to:
  • open a store
  • set up a virtual classroom
  • inform about topics that are dear to you
  • have discussions
  • or just to talk to about your latest hobby…
  • Imagination and creativity are unlimited…
The Community - Matchmaking in moove online Virtual 3D World You know exactly what your ideal partner should look like? You’re a big movie fan and are looking for people who share your interest? 

  • Enter this information and more in your personal preferences list!
  • Enter your hobbies, wishes – yes, even your “secret” interests.
  • Select the languages you speak.
  • All of this will be used as criteria in our matchmaking system.
  • The “matchmaker” organizes your personal Visit & Chat list, suggests buddies to you, and helps you to meet members who share your preferences and interests.
  • Even worldwide friendships are possible – the moove community is international.
  • This has already led to marriages – virtual and real.
Virtual Marketplace & Message Board Share your thoughts and feelings with others moove online 3D Chat members! 

  • Post a wedding announcement and marry virtually.
  • Tell everyone about your true love by displaying the wedding ring medal on your nickpage.
  • Organize your own event.
  • Become a minister and wed other members.
  • Offer actors, decorations, new postures, pre-furnished rooms for download on your website…
  • Participate in the moove-hosted room or actor contests
  • Use the moove Message Board to exchange thoughts and feelings with other members…
  • and, and, and…
  • Take a stroll and be amazed at the creativity and loving detail evident in our members’ personal worlds.
Professional 'Diamond Clubs'

Professional “Diamond Clubs”

3D dealing rooms for professional use!

  • Profit from our extensive experience in the field of virtual communication and community.
  • Open a 3D dealing room within the community that is open for paying as well as non-paying members.
  • There are many ways to use your room – for example as a travel agency, for giving legal advice, as a gallery… Basically, for everything that can be sold or advised via the Internet.
  • And the best thing is that you can personally carry out any counselling or sales talk – represented by your virtual avatar. This personal contact advances the development of trust between you and your customers.
  • In addition, profit from the fact that we have members from all over the world.
  • Get the free membership and have a look at the community – noncommittal and not binding.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact

Get your membership in this revolutionary 3D chat world completely for FREE.