Flash Radio Player Instructions

Derive These Quality Radio Meshes OR Add Your Own Mesh To The Base
To use your own list of stations, playlists & mp3’s instead of the one that comes built in to the player…

1. Save this file to your desktop or somewhere easy for you to work with it, you might need to right click the link and “save link as”:
                                             stations.xml (76 KB)

1.1. (Optional) You can also use this file to customize the developer info area on the player:
                                        developerInfo.xml (169 B)

2. Open that file in notepad or other suitable text editor and look at the format and syntax examples.

3-A. For finding, adding, replacing, and deleting stations from the list:

Where to find the stream url of a station depends on the particular station you want to use, streams come in all different formats but your best to stick with mp3 or shoutcast type streams, some stations make the url available, some stations make the url hard to find, and yet others keep the url completely hidden so you can’t have it.

If you would like to have someone investigate your particular situation and try to get the stream url you are after, please send your request to Productions & Services – Contact Page.

For adding your station to the list or replacing an existing station with one of your choosing, see the set of tags below, the complete set from <radio genre=”P“> to </radio> is for a single station, you can have more then one <url>;</url> in the set only if the station broadcasts a single stream on multiple url’s.

<radio genre=”P“>

Step 1. Type or paste the name of the radio station where it says “STATION NAME GOES HERE“.

Step 2. Type or paste the url of the radio station where it says “STATION URL GOES HERE“, remember there needs to be a “;” after the url and before the closing tag so don’t delete the one that’s there.

Step 3. Type or paste the bit rate of the radio station where it says “STATION BIT RATE GOES HERE“, stations that use a variable bit rate will not work.

To add another station entry, copy those 5 (or more) lines, make a new blank line in the file, paste the lines into your blank spot, and use the three steps above.

Delete an unwanted station simply by deleting the complete set of tags for it from <radio genre=”P“> to </radio>.

Do not touch any other parts of the code, and do not leave out or change any of the tags.

If you would like to have someone tutor you on various types of coding, or make your files for you, please send your request to Productions & Services – Contact Page.

3-B. Add stations, playlists, mp3’s & developer info to your liking:

Customize your radio with your own playlist and developer info
Edit the developer file with your avatar name your manufacture ID (see the id when you view all your products in the catalog in the http link).   Add a personal touch by adding a creative comment from you.   A thank you message,  If its a special gift , add something special there. etc)..  check to be sure you don’t overflow the text or it will extend off the side of the player.
stations.xml file – add your stations, delete, re-arange them.
First station is the default one.
put them in the order you wish
always copy from a from <Radio> to </radio> tags complete.
The URLS are encrypted thats why they look strange,  but you can add your own urls in the format:
You can add multiple urls per radio station.
You can also add mp3s there are examples at the end of the list.
Notes:  tags have to be matched.   the first tag is <shoutcast>   the very last tag at the end of the file is </shoutcast>
You can add and delete genre’s and search texts.
You can Add / delete / modify  Genres.    Match up the genre=”X” tag for each station with the genre’s <abbr>X</abbr> type.
You may modify the station names but do not have duplicate station names,  keep them all unique.
Both these files get added to the CFL – ASSETS tab in the previwer.”

4. Save and close the file/s, do not change the name or type, keep it somewhere handy to use in create mode.

5. If you haven’t already, choose one of these quality radio products to derive:

Derive These Quality Radio Meshes OR Add Your Own Mesh To The Base

6. Do all your normal deriving stuff, textures, opacities and what not.

Use button #5 in the picture below to open the product asset folder and drop the stations.xml file into it before saving and submitting. (and the developerInfo file if you have chosen to use it)

8. You may notice on the editor assets tab that this file is listed as “unused”, this is entirely normal for this type of file and your product will function as it should.

9. Remember to include a link to these instructions on your product page so derivers can derive your product easily !!

10. Click the ‘Apply’ button and continue with your normal submission process.

11. If you have any questions please post a comment bellow and We will try to help.

Derive These Quality Radio Meshes OR Add Your Own Mesh To The Base