Try these dance codes in rooms

Fast dances:

*dressup 3013848
*dressup 2737242
*dressup 2531598
*dressup 2862173
*dressup 2862139
*dressup 2826704
*dressup 2826727
*dressup 2826748
*dressup 2737344

Mids dance:

*dressup 2737313
*dressup 2737458
*dressup 2508292
*dressup 2826727
*dressup 2737260
*dressup 2862173

Slow dances:

*dressup 2862181
*dressup 2826804
*dressup 2720011
*dressup 2722499

To get rid of Annoying Chat Bubbles in IMVU rooms enter:

ctrl+b (together)

And finally, if your frozen and stuck, cant exit, use this technique to end the program:

ctrl+at+del tabs together

Thus finding the IMVUClient running, highlight it and end process, simple

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