How to do Room Links in Forums and Groups

Making a permanent url to your room by always using the exact same spelling for you room name still works, but sadly the bellow method of converting “imvu:” links to “https:” links to make room links clickable in forum and group postings is no longer supported by the imvu website

We have a new tutorial for finding your static room links here – How to Find the Web Address of Your Public Room

Permanent room URL – If you like to change your public rooms often –
Consider thinking of a permanent name for your public room “slot” and using the exact same spelling every time you clone a room to that “slot” instead of changing the name each time you switch the room, you can specify individual room names in room descriptions and posts and the text part of your links while maintaining a permanent URL.

 When you create a public room it gives you an address that looks something like this for example – imvu://room/onrietta/Onrietta%26%23039%3Bs+Surprise+Escapes – but when you paste this type of link that starts with “imvu://” in your post or inside the [url][/url] tags it does NOT make a click-able link…

Here is the work around for this problem –
Replace this part of the url “imvu://room/” with this “
so instead of “imvu://room/onrietta/Onrietta%26%23039%3Bs+Surprise+Escapes
it should look like this “
(without the quotes of course) and it will be click-able in imvu group and bbforum type posts.. when you click on it, it will take you to a page with room description and a link to open the room in 3D..

For non standard characters and punctuation you must use the following codes
space = +
‘ = %26%23039%3B
” = %26quot%3B
& = %26amp%3B
< = %26lt%3B
> = %26gt%3B
! = %21
$ = %24
@ = %40
* = %2A
# = %23
% = %25
^ = %5E
, = %2C
? = %3F
+ = %2B
~ = %7E
= = %3D
( = %28
) = %29
| = %7C
[ = %5B
] = %5D
{ = %7B
} = %7D 

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