A real Bed & Breakfast! Full Service Hotel, Restaurant & Lounge Experience. Limited dining, drink & other services at this time. Surrounded by Mountains, Rivers, and Wilderness. The Perfect Vacation for the Whole Gang, or a Cozy Romantic Getaway for Two, or a Great Place to Bunk with Friends for Skiing, Hiking, Biking, etc.

65436 E Timberline Dr, Rhododendron, OR 97049

Our guest rooms feature: 42″ smart tv. Free Wi-Fi. Mini-fridge & microwave. Coffee, tea, cocoa station. Heater with thermostat. Closet. Desk. Ironing board. Clothes drying rack. Dresser. Locking door with peep hole. Easy access USB and AC power. Access to our Restaurant, Lounge, Patio, and other services.

Our lounge features: Full service pub style dining. Formal dining option. Limited services at this time. 2 smart tv screens. Professional grade pool table. Deluxe poker set and many other board, card, and table-top games. Lobby area. Wood stove. Coffee & Treats counter. Smoking on the deck. Guest restroom. Possible events or activities. Access to our patio.

Our patio features: Relaxed atmosphere. 3′ fire pit with wood fired grill. Plenty of seating. Smokers alcove. Bug torches. The Tree of Life. Naturally forested back yard with plenty of shade. Occasional wildlife. Other stuff and fun.

Our location features: Camp ground like neighborhood. Easy walking to Sandy River views and beaches. Quick drive to Mountain Villages with restaurants, bars, shopping, etc. Quick drive or Mountain Shuttle to trails, trailheads, rivers, mountains, national forests, wilderness areas, 3 9’s Golf Course, Government Camp, Skiing, adventure park, Timberline Lodge.

The Tiny Resort is a private residential property that we use to provide a full service resort like experience to our clients. Not open to the public. Event space and services. We charge our clients for private experience services. Consumables are not for sale.

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