We work on such a huge variety of different custom projects, many can’t be shown or described here. To learn more about what we can do for you, Contact Us Today

Custom Rigging & “Difficult to Reach” Item Retrieval

Images / Video Coming Soon.

Prototype Drafting, 3D Printing, Mechanical & Electronic Assembly With Master Level Precision Soldering

Aerial Imagery
(Drone Services available in The Portland Area and beyond with proper scheduling & funding.)

Custom WordPress Plugin Programming / Authoring

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Custom Graphics / Website Logo

3D Modeling for 3D Print Prototyping, Mold Making & Production

Video / Audio Enhancement





Unity 3D Game Creation


Custom Electronics With Precision Soldering


3D Animated Movie Studio Logo

WordPress Websites

timcom gretacom

Joomla Website


Animated Web Graphic


3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation

little-devil_pet_02-geot little-devil_pet_02-mapt

3D Rendering

rebelcowboyskullheadgeometryt rebelcowboyskullheadtexuredt rebelskullcowboyhatt rebelskullcowboyhatbandt rebelskullcowboyscarft rebelskullcowboyskullt

Second Life Mesh With Special UV Mapping

 2life-shoe-meshes_01-geo 2life-shoe-meshes_01-map

IMVU Mesh With A Full Set Of Animations

baby-blankie_01-geot baby-blankie_01-mapt

ASUS Mini Laptop – Severe Virus Infection – Not Bootable
“My daughter’s computer had a terrible virus and she was going to toss it in the trash and go buy a new one (she really couldn’t afford). Low-D Corp told me what to try and nothing worked, they ended up talking me through wiping it clean and reformatting it. Saved her computer. YAY!!!”
– PC & Internet User

Paint Shop Pro X2 – Training Sessions
“I have had several training sessions with Low-D Corp in my paint program, we did the shared screen. I would ask how to do some thing and they would not only show me one way of doing it but several. The main thing with any paint program is getting to know your tools and what they are capable of doing. Then your only limits are your imagination. If you need help with any paint program I suggest you get Low-D Corp’s help, I haven’t found any body who knows them better.”
– Up & Coming Graphic Artist

Acer Laptop – System Streamline & Service Pack Rescue
“Low-D Corp is the best. My laptop might not be that old comparitively, but it is all I have. It was running slower & slower, all kinds of message errors would pop- up. In short it was very worrisome to me. They took the time ( almost 9 hours over 2 days) to help me find updates that were needed & installed them, even when my computer was not behaving. I’m not that good with the technical side of computers. Honestly, I am over joyed when it works like it is supposed to. I would & already have recommended them to friends. Their prices are fair & they will give you a quote before they start working on it. I’m very happy with the help they have given me & I fully intend to have them look over the computer every month. I would rather do preventative work, then wait for real trouble down the road. Most excellent! Thank you Low-D Corp!!”
– Windows Vista Laptop User

Acer Laptop – System Cleaning, Streamlining, & Security SetUp
“I cant “Thank You” enough 4 what u have done 4 my pc! It was a Vista Nightmare! All the trouble shootings tips I was reading used terms such as “Daunting & Not 4 the Inexperienced”, w/NO guarantees! I was ready to throw my pc out! U Sure Know What U r Doing! I MOST DEFINITELY got what i paid 4 and Above! It was Awesome watching u work Ur Magic! Definitely “The Best Man” 4 the Job! My pc works better now then it did when it was new!”
– Windows Vista Laptop User

We work on such a huge variety of different custom projects, many can’t be shown or described here. To learn more about what we can do for you, Contact Us Today