Yesterday (October 1st 2013) was the very first day of the New Mountain Express bus route, it also just happened that yesterday morning was the first big snow on Mt Hood for the season, so I took a little road trip in the afternoon mainly to get a feel for the new bus route and see what kinds of park and trail access it will provide for future activities.

Click Here To Read More About The New Mountain Express. I boarded the shuttle (soon to be upgraded to full size buses) at Sandy Transit Center around 3:25pm, rode all the way up to Timberline ski area where we had a 15 minute layover from 4:30pm to 4:45pm, just enough time to run around a bit and get some pictures (see below), then rode all the way back to Sandy Transit arriving at 5:50pm, so the round trip is just under 2.5 hours.

During the trip I was taking mental notes of all the scheduled stops along the way to help with the planning of future trips to destinations along the route. Sadly this new route does not do flag stops so you have to work with the pre-set stops only or plan your trip to use the old shuttle route that still runs twice a day Mon – Sat with flag stops. Click Here For More Info On Routes And Available Stops.

Did I mention pictures? Yes here are a few pictures from the 15 minute stop over at the Timberline day lodge.

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