This was supposed to be a 3 day trek, but the snow melt-off forecast models were wrong!

Up above 4,000 feet there was still some snow on the peaks. As much as 3 feet.

So after forcing my way up to the Huckleberry summit, I decided to go back and set camp at the ridge crossing just before the main climb.

Right around dusk as I was setting camp by the last of the light it started raining. A quick call to "Headquarters" informed me that Sunday's forecasted steady rain had been moved up to Saturday. So since i was not going to make it around to the west side of the canyon, and with rain / snow on its way in, I slept in Saturday till around noon then broke camp and headed for my pick up spot. It rained the entire time, but it was not very cold.

The trip was not a total loss, I did get some exercise, and now I have a secret camp complete with fire ring for the next time I go that way, and I did get lots of pictures on the way up Friday, here are some that I think came out pretty good.

100 1657Just before leaving the recreation center, fully loaded pack weighed 55 pounds.

100 1662The trail-head sign has not been updated to show the newer wilderness areas.

100 1659Here we have some kids learning how to start a fire by “rubbing two sticks together” at the rec site.

100 1669You always need a “bug stick” in warm weather!

100 1700Here we see a bit of the “mini glacier” action that I ran into on the way up the first peak.