"Forest Park is a public municipal park in the Tualatin Mountains west of downtown Portland, Oregon, United States. Stretching for more than 8 miles (13 km) on hillsides overlooking the Willamette River, it is one of the country's largest urban forest reserves.

The park, a major component of a regional system of parks and trails, covers more than 5,100 acres (2,064 ha) of mostly second-growth forest with a few patches of old growth. About 70 miles (110 km) of recreational trails, including the Wildwood Trail segment of the city's 40 Mile Loop system, crisscross the park." ~Wikipedia

Forest Park Practice Hike #1 (Introductory)

forest park 1This was a very easy hike suitable for the whole family, although we did cross a few nasty mud pits along the horizontal portion of the hike on the Wildwood Trail. At the Stone House we ran into a group preparing for some kind of medieval photo shoot for a magazine. They said it was ok for us to take pictures. Here are a few pics of the House, magazine people, and some scenery from up on the hill as we exited the park and walked back down to the Park.

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Forest Park Practice Hike #2

forest park 2Forest Park practice hike #2 picks up where practice hike #1 left off. We hike from the main Forest Park entrance a short way up Leif Erikson Dr. to the Wild Cherry Trail, all the way up Wild Cherry to the top where there is a little shortcut to meet back up with the Wildwood Trail at the next ravine, then it’s an easy walk along Wildwood out to Fire Lane 1, and down the very steep Fire Lane 1 back to Leif Erikson, then humping out Leif Erikson all the way back to the Forest Park main entrance.

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