Trail ride along the upper portion of the Springwater Corridor and the Cazadero Trail was mainly to inspect the condition of the trails and see if there are any further improvements or connections.

 I did find some trail improvements at the bottom end of the Cazadero at Deep Creek Park (more details and pics of that below), but sadly they have not yet extended the trail and it remains a dead end. Supposedly this trail system will eventually connect all the way to the Pacific Crest Trail and the entire Cascade Mountain Range.

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero segments 474x600

This ride is approximately 20 miles round trip. Here is an overview map of my ride split into three segments.
Blue Line: This segment of the trail starts in my backyard (almost), and ends where the pavement ends.
Yellow Line: This segment of the trail starts where the pavement ends and the gravel/dirt starts, and ends in downtown Boring OR. This is also the end of the entire Springwater Corridor Trail that starts in downtown Portland OR.

Red Line: This is the entire Cazadero Trail from downtown Boring OR to a dead end at the bottom of Deep Creek Park. This trail is not paved (yet).

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero segment1 188x200Here are some pictures from the “blue” portion of my trail ride, some random scenery and pics of the trail itself.

As you can see in the pics this portion of trail is very nicely paved and is very heavily used when the weather is good. In the summer I can sit on my balcony and watch an almost endless stream of runners, walkers, and bikers going by.

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 14Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 12Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 07Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 10

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero segment2 130x200These pictures are from the “yellow” portion of my trail ride. This section of trail is gravel and dirt, this is where 95% of casual fair weather trail users turn around or get back in their cars.

In the summer, as you can see in the pics, the trail is dry and nicely shaded. In the fall, winter, and spring it can turn into serious mud bog action.

There are no markers or other tourist type stuff on this portion of trail, and all of a sudden you feel as tho you might be way out in the boonies before finding yourself at the new trailhead park in downtown Boring OR.

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 20Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 23Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 21Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 25

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero segment3 132x200Then I ride two blocks southward through downtown Boring (very small town) to the Cazadero Trail Head which begins the “red” portion of my trail ride.

Now we really are heading into the wilderness, there are a few homestead type properties you can see from the trail before entering Deep Creek Park which is the lower part of this segment. Along this trail you see old growth timber and clear running streams, at the bottom end you can’t hear or see any sign of civilization.

Here are some pics of this segment, the trail is dirt and gravel, the lower end of the trail used to be unimproved and unmaintained dirt making it a year round thick mud bog mixed with dense overgrowth, but in the last few years they did some work on it, now it’s nicely graveled and maintained all the way to the end of the trail where they have put in some new railings and a large turnaround area.

Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 29Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 32Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 30Trail Ride SpringwaterCazadero 37