Hello, hello to my readers out there in virtual land! Now that the kids are home from school, I know most of you are all geared up for a nice summer vacation, at least I hope so! And if you are one of those, like myself, that are still ‘single to mingle’, why not take some time this summer to spend on your most precious asset – your body.

I thought it would be helpful to leave my readers with some summer body care tips and a few travelling tips as well.


Your head is the first thing the sun greets in that summer heat. The harsh ultraviolet rays damages hair tremendously to the point where frizz becomes an issue.   And let’s not forget, taking that needed plunge in the swimming pool or sea can also do its share of damage to not only your hair, but also your skin. Chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils and salt water draws moisture out of your hair and skin too. Pruney fingers anyone?

Protect your hair:

  1. Hair grows faster in the summer, so why not start off the summer with a trim, you will refresh your hairstyle and remove split ends in the process.
  2. Shield your hair from damaging UV rays: use hair care products that contain UV filters.  They help protect the hair from sun damage and helps keep colored hair from fading. A wide-brimmed hat while outdoors is not a bad idea either.
  3. Use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo to help with the extra product buildup, sweat and grime that accumulates on your scalp during the summer.
  4. Skip the hair-dryer. I mean come on, with all the heat, who needs it? Lol. Personally, I don’t use hair dryers or curling irons at all, they do a lot of damage to hair.
  5. And if the frizz just happens to get out of control, a drop or 2 of anti-frizz oil should help.

Protect your Skin:

  1. STAY HYDRATED. An obvious tip but cannot be stressed enough.
  2. Try stay indoors between 11am and 3pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest.
  3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and …………………………..Sunscreen!
  4. Moisturize your skin. A good water-based moisturizer can do just the job.
  5. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine. Yes I know, you want to knock back a couple ice cold beers. But carbonated drinks, apart from being full of sugar, don’t quench your thirst in the first place. And bare in mind, alcohol and caffeinated drinks are diuretics, they reduce the water in your body.
  6. Apart from your usual, cleanse, tone, moisturize routine, don’t forget to exfoliate.   It helps to remove dead skin cells and improves blood circulation.
  7. Keep true to the holy trinity of good health: eat healthy, exercise and sleep well . Be sure to grab the latest local fruit that is in season and go to town on them!  Here in the Caribbean, its mangoes and watermelon, YUM!

Protect your eyes:

  1. Make sure your glasses provide protection from UV rays.  The bigger the shades the better.   Before taking that dip in the pool or sea, try using swimming goggles, to protect your eyes from bacteria and chemicals.

Protect your feet:

  1. Avoid walking barefoot as much as possible.  Sunburn, warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm and other similar infections are all a possibility. Even more so during the summer, where warm and wet conditions exist everywhere.
  2. Wear the right footwear for your summer activities. No heels while playing volleyball duhhh lol. Always have with you an extra pair of sneakers. If a pair gets wet, be sure to dry it out properly before re-use, so as to avoid infections.

Be safe when travelling:

For those of you going cross-country, or even out of country, here are a few travelling tips:

  1. Be aware of where you are heading. Keep up-to-date with the news both locally and also where you plan to travel to. Be sure that there are proper security measures at the place you plan to stay for your trip/vacation. Keeping up with the weather of where you are heading to, may not be a bad idea.  It could be raining too, who knows.  Always be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Make sure you have all your necessary travel documents: Flight Tickets, Passports, other forms of identification. If you are travelling with kids, make sure all the necessary forms of identification, and any other necessary documents for travel are in order for them too.
  3. Always be prepared for an emergency. Make sure you have contact numbers for nearby family members, friends, hospitals and even the local US Embassy for where you are heading to on your trip. Always have an emergency kit, with the necessary bandages and medications necessary for you and your family.
  4. If you plan to drive overseas, make sure you are aware of the laws governing foreign countries, both on and off the road.
  5. Pack smart and pack light. And never take your valuables with you on any trip.  Keep your important documents close to you and easily within reach

Have a safe and happy summer everyone!