From one generation to the next it has it's own language it seems. I know i can't understand my Millennial teen at all. With savage (meaning rude) or bae (meaning baby or boy/ girlfriend) and many more. I know I am not alone with this, many parents (long before us) are right in the mix of this battle of - What did you just say? 

Now a days teens seem to have their own language and there isn't really a way to understand it, my teen even says 'salty' sometimes which has something to do with a bad attitude. Sometimes I wonder where the words even came from, another example is dab. No, not the dab as in you dabbed the dirt off her face with a napkin, dab as in a dance move, where you bring your elbow to your face. Some words don't even make sense like 'thot' which is a word to describe a person who gets around a lot. Another inappropriate one is the phrase "Netflix and chill" which means to have sex. To  a more positive one, 'on fleek' means it's great, on point is similar to it. 'Dank' is a new word for cool now as well. All these new words teenagers are making today we can't just keep it, I don't even know how my own teen can keep up with this forever changing slang. Us parents try our best to understand this new language but it can be difficult, but try we still do. Another thing out great teenagers have made popular are memes, you've probably seen one, it's a funny picture with a caption above or bellow it, there's even some for the president. Some teens say aesthetic, which you may have no clue to what it means, well I can tell you. It means great, pretty, cute, and other similar things to that. It means you like it.

All we can do is keep a close eye on the ever changing words or the Urban Dictionary. Thanks to both of them and search engines. Many tools we have at hand to find out the means of words they use now a days that we didn't have back in the day, only to ask other parents what they meant. Imagine what it was like for past generations and the confusion it must have left or been for them.

So let us take a look back at some of the generations and the terms, you might know or used some of these and laughed /cried as I did as you read through them and reminisce.

1920's: 1: Gams -- legs , 2: Hotsy-totsy -- perfect.

1930': 1: Girl Friday -- a secretary , 2: Gig -- a job.

1940's: 1:Sitting in the hot seat -- in a highly uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.

1950's: 1: Hi-fi -- high fidelity; a record player or turntable.

1960's: 1: Daddy-o -- a man; used to address a hipster or beatnik.

1070's: 1: Mind-blowing -- unbelievable; originally an expression for the effects of hallucinogenic drugs,. 2: Catch you on the flip side -- see you later.

1980's: 1:Gag me with a spoon -- disgusting, 2: Gnarly -- exceptional. 3: Wicked -- excellent.

1990's:, 1: Phat -- cool or hip. 2: Wassup? -- What's up.

So in conclusion, every generation has had it's fair share of odd slang words. Our parents didn't understand our slang and now we can barely keep up with our kids. Just think one day our kid will have some children  their own with all new slang words that they will struggle to figure out to. With our wicked slang that's on fleek, we'll do our best to keep up and keep modern has our world forever changes in front of our eyes.