Greetings to my fellow readers. We are fast approaching the half-way mark of 2014, time really does fly.  Given that it is the month of May, I thought it fitting my article reflects some of my thoughts on “Mother’s Day”.

We all have one, whether we are fortunate enough to know and love our own Mothers, they should be cherished.  A Mother is so much more than the woman that gave birth to you, despite whatever her circumstances or shortfalls there may be.  She is the woman that literally defines unconditional love.  She is the one that will feed you, clothe you, shelter and protect you and guide you.  Yes I know I’m sounding cliché.  You can stop rolling your eyes (lol).  And yes I know, not every family is perfect.  Not everyone knows their mother, some kids were put up for adoption, and some mothers died at childbirth and the list goes on.


As we go through our daily lives, sometimes we get so busy, that we miss what’s important.  No, it’s not the new gadget on sale, it’s the salesperson behind the counter, it’s not the gridlock traffic, it’s the pedestrian you either allowed to cross the street safely or not.  It’s not being in the front row at your favorite game or concert, it’s the memory of being with people close to you and all the love and enjoyment that comes with it.  In our worldwide efforts to become more tech-savy, more efficient, more computerized, our faces literally become glued to a screen and we miss the people and all that’s going on around us.   Mothers included.  We have all seen the TV shows/commercials, father and son on the couch, munching on something, and watching TV, while the Mother vacuums around them or scold them, and father and son remain oblivious, their gaze remaining fixed on the TV screen.

Whatever the condition of the bond that exists with our Mothers, there’s one thing that cannot be denied, and that it’s there. There is one thing I want to bring home to you, my fellow readers.  Take it from someone who misses her mother dearly, now that it has been roughly six (6) years, since her passing, cherish the mother that you know in your life.  Try to make amends.  Treasure the time you have with your Mother NOW.  The days of wishing I have my Mother to talk to, are long and sometimes overbearing.  And if you’re like me, with a Mom patiently waiting for you on the other side, say a prayer and say hello and wish her: Happy Mother's Day!