Well wouldn't you know it, just when everything seems to be all set up and ready to roll... my sub-domain pointer for this site breaks !! A serious web host problem !!

After spending many hours over the last three weeks dealing with the support people at my web host company and trying to fix it, I finally gave up and moved this site to a new folder where I can have a properly working sub-domain pointer... sigh !!

What is really amazing is that even the web host support people can't seem to fix it, or maybe they can fix it if I can ever figure out how to get them to see the true nature of the problem.

The way this fiasco went down might be of use to others because there is no warning in place to tell you that this can happen, at least not on the control panel for my hosting package, which is provided by a well known company that has been around for years and years and with an excellent track record. For now let's leave the identity of this company hidden as I'm not sure if i want to trash talk them "just yet", and likewise I'm not ready to advertise them either at this point.


Anyway, here is the story:

Before this happened I had the sub-domain "lowd" pointing to my hosting root like in this picture, then the .htaccess directives in the root would forward this to the sub-folder "lowd" where this site used to be contained.


Then one day I was messing around with my hosting control panel and got curious about what I could do with the Ruby on Rails "application builder thingie". The first thing it does is ask you to name your application, so just to try it out I put in a name to test: "lowd" like in this picture, and click the button to go ahead and create the application.


The resulting application entry looks like this, I should have realized there was going to be a conflict here as it now shows the same url that I was using to point to this website when it was in the "lowd" folder.


Ok so this looks a bit odd and I'm worried about conflicts here so I go back to check on my pointers, yeap, my pointer has been changed automatically and now points to this new test application, nooooooo !!

So I run back to the Ruby on Rails settings and quickly delete the application, then back to my pointer settings and edit the "lowd" sub-domain pointer back to what it was before like so.


Ok so now as far as I can tell everything should go back to normal just as if nothing ever happened right? I wait for a while to make sure my pointer settings have time to resolve across the Internet, then I go ahead and test my link and get this !! Again noooooooooooo !!!!!!

There is no warning or confirmation on the Ruby on Rails create application form telling me that this would take over my sub-domain "lowd" and render it un-usable as a sub-domain name ever again ??!!