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Here are some pictures from 3 exploratory excursion trips through the Wildwood Recreation Site and the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness up the vertical portion of the Boulder Trail.

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Trail ride along the upper portion of the Springwater Corridor and the Cazadero Trail was mainly to inspect the condition of the trails and see if there are any further improvements or connections.

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Hi once again my dear readers. I do apologize for the couple months of absence. I recently moved to a new apartment closer to work and it has been quite a task settling in and as always, I’m always busy with something. Nevertheless, tis’ the season! And you know what that means……Great Food!!!

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Hello, hello to my readers out there in virtual land! Now that the kids are home from school, I know most of you are all geared up for a nice summer vacation, at least I hope so! And if you are one of those, like myself, that are still ‘single to mingle’, why not take some time this summer to spend on your most precious asset – your body.

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When my Doctor told me I had a bone spur on my right heel that would need to be surgically removed the first question I asked him was "What in the world is a bone spur?"

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Greetings,  dear  readers,  we are in the month of June, 2014.  It’s the month where we celebrating Father’s Day, weddings, graduations and proms.  A month of fun for sure.  It can also be a month of stress, tears and joy, quite a rollercoaster month if you ask me.

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