Low-D Corp Seal 500

Founded in 2000, incorporated in 2013.

Low-D Corp is an “Unusual & Curious” company, in a nut-shell that means the “stuff” we do for profit or to improve our community / society / universe is divided up into a number of permanent and/or temporary “operational departments” that will evolve and emerge into the future. 

Portland and Mt. Hood

Portland and Mt. Hood – Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

Our headquarters is located in Gresham, Oregon which is on the very eastern edge of the Portland metropolitan area and also very close to MT. Hood and other wilderness areas. This puts us right on the border-line between two completely different environments, and easy access to the benefits of both worlds.

MAX Light Rail Car

MAX Light Rail Car – Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

Front Yard: Portland is a large, clean and green thriving metropolis with year round mild weather, lots of public transportation, easy access to national and international business and travel options. The entire metro area is set up very well for an active lifestyle and people that would rather bicycle or walk to commute rather then drive, with a top notch system of parks and trails.

Mt. Hood from Larch Mountain

Mt. Hood from Larch Mountain – Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

Back Yard: The Cascade mountain range features Mt. Hood with year round skiing on “natural” snow, a wilderness trail system that reaches north to Canada and south to Mexico, and many pristine untouched wilderness areas where you can practice primitive style “back country” camping, backpacking, exploring, and even Sasquatch hunting!