What’s Happening @ Low-D Corp?

What’s Happening @ Low-D Corp?

What’s next?

Our Operational Departments are in serious neglect as I no longer have time for them and it seems impossible to find qualified help: 

Productions & Services
Low-D Corp Offers Customized Hands On Help For All Your Digital, Technical & Creative Needs!” More info on our old production site here: low-d.com/prod

Magazine & Community
“Get Advice, Earn Cash, Save Money, Girly Girls!” We need help with this! www.low-d.com

Virtual Stuff & Junk
“Help & Instruction For Various Virtual Places, Programs & Products!” low-d.com/virt

Our Non-Operational Departments:

Recreation & Adventure
“This doesn’t seem to be working out very well.”

Buy – Sell – Trade
“This would be so much fun, but when do we have time?”

Any other ideas?

If you would like to invest in the future of Low-D Corp, Contact Us Here.

And sometimes we need to hire additional help. If interested, please contact directly: lowd.pands@gmail.com Call or Text: 1 (503) 754-2143

The Low-D Corporation
An Unusual & Curious Company!