What’s Happening @ Low-D Corp?

Consult With Me About Anything!
“I can increase efficiency, maximize profits, improve quality, etc. And I’m the guy that fixes everything after you’ve paid someone else too much for botched results.” Contact Me Today!

Founder:  S. “Lodhie” Lodhie low-d.com/corp lowd.corp@gmail.com Call or Text: 1 (503) 754-2143

Organically Engineering The Universe!
“I’m an unusually unique process engineer & problem solver who wears many hats and has been working on a huge variety of projects for over 40 years.” A few random projects here.

What’s Happening @ Low-D Corp?

Our Operational Departments are in serious neglect as I no longer have much time for them and it seems impossible to find qualified help: 

Productions & Services
Low-D Corp Offers Customized Hands On Help For All Your Digital, Technical & Creative Needs!” More info on our old production site here: low-d.com/prod

Magazine & Community
“Get Advice, Earn Cash, Save Money, Girly Girls!” We need help with this! www.low-d.com

Virtual Stuff & Junk
“Help & Instruction For Various Virtual Places, Programs & Products!” low-d.com/virt

Our Non-Operational Departments:

Recreation & Adventure
“This doesn’t seem to be working out very well.”

Buy – Sell – Trade
“This would be so much fun, but when do we have time?”

Any other ideas?

If you would like to invest in the future of Low-D Corp, Contact Us Here.

And sometimes we need to hire additional help. If interested, please contact directly: lowd.pands@gmail.com Call or Text: 1 (503) 754-2143

The Low-D Corporation
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