Which is the most popular social media platform where you are allowed to use just 140 characters to get your message through? That's right. It's twitter. Launched in March 2006, Twitter managed to grab a place among top social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. People started using 'tweets', messages that were just 140 characters long to engage with messages and interact with the other users. Twitter soon became a platform for major brands and celebrities to express their opinions, short, crisp, and to the point.

Like any other social media platform today, Twitter is an excellent marketing tool owing to the fact that it has over 330 million monthly active users. Moreover, being a microblogging tool, it calls for creativity and innovation from brands that want to tell their stories on Twitter.

In order to use Twitter efficiently as a marketing tool, there is somewhat of a reverse logic that needs to be applied. In marketing, the key requirement is to reach out to a large audience. But, in order to reach a large audience, you have to have a large following as well. No one can market themselves with a following of 200 users. If this is the case, once you have started a twitter account for your business, your goal is to gain a large following. While this sounds easy enough, in theory, it is a difficult task in reality. It takes time and a lot of effort to grow the number of your followers through organic method. Naturally, if your business is in the initial stages, you have neither the time nor the patience to wait that long especially if you have investments at stake. So, in order to shorten the waiting time and speed up business, you may have to get more twitter followers from boostlize.

While this may sound surprising, it is actually a great idea to improve the exposure of your brand, not to mention that it increases the trust of your users. There is a logical explanation for this fact. Users are driven by the masses. A Twitter account with a large number of follower seems to be more reliable and trustworthy than a page with a comparatively lower number of followers. In addition, after reaching a certain number of followers, you will automatically begin to generate even more followers organically. In short, purchasing twitter followers can be seen as an initial investment for your brand to catch up on twitter.

Once you have decided to purchase your twitter followers, the next step is to hunt down reliable websites that offer such services. Take a look below to find some of the most reliable websites that offer Twitter followers in the United Kingdom.

Greedier social media

The website offers to buy real 10000 twitter followers uk at a rate of 2.99 pounds. Their service is extremely reliable and they offer good quality twitter followers. They have a responsive customer support. The website offers some great packages depending on your requirements and they have a quick delivery system. You are likely to receive your followers within a day or two of your purchase. In addition, they offer a replacement in case you happen to notice a drop in the number of your followers.

Followers Gain

At Followers Gain you can easily get twitter followers based in the UK for your personal and business profile. Their prices start at 1.99 pounds for every 100 followers. The website offers several service plans depending upon your requirements at varying prices. You can buy up to 50,000 followers from Followers Gain. They have a reliable customer support system and quick delivery as well.

Their customer support is fairly responsive although the only way to get in contact with them is either through e-mail or an on-page contact form.

The Social Guys

The website offers good quality twitter followers thus creating a sense of authenticity for your profile. They have a fairly responsive customer support system with an average response time that falls between 12 to 24 hours. They have a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service. They have an on-page contact form which is the only way to establish contact with them. Their rates start at 5 pounds for every 500 followers. But they also offer several service plans with varying prices to suit your requirements. They have a quick delivery service as well.

Targeted Web Traffic

The website offers you up to buy twitter followers cheap based out in the United Kingdom. Their prices start at 8 pounds for every 500 followers although they offer service packages to suit your requirements. The Targeted Web Traffic offers Twitter followers of decent quality and they have a fairly quick delivery. Their customer support options are however quite limited and any contact has to be made via e-mail or Skype. They have a no drop guarantee for their followers although there is no clear refund policy as such.

Tip: Always choose a provider who can give you either decent quality or good quality Twitter followers. Twitter followers with decent quality are those followers who have a real profile, complete with images, comments, and followers. There is, however, a slight hiccup in that these followers will not have been active on Twitter for quite some time.

A good quality Twitter follower is one who interacts with you. The follower has a real profile and is actively using Twitter. The follower will probably like your images, comment, and engage with you. The best providers give their clients Twitter followers falling into this category.


Having good quality Twitter followers will make your page appear more genuine and when other users see that plenty of your followers are engaging with you, it builds their trust.


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