The green card is the official license, given by the United States Citizenship and Migration Services to immigrants for living and operating in US completely. The Green card or USA Permanent Resident Card is a legal permission standing that reveals that the immigrant is enabled the same condition as well as legal rights as the natural-born US residents. Nonetheless, the immigrant retains the citizenship of the home nation as a green card holder.

The green card is approved for duration of One Decade and also can be restored by sending an application for permanent resident card renewal. Though there are various methods to become eligible for the green card, many preferred ones include by investments in US service, employment associated immigration, funded migration by family ties, as an evacuee and also obtaining the green card with the diversity lottery Program.


Prior to you put in the application for green card, you need to make certain that you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Though there are various procedures for application, it depends upon your migration standing when you make an application for the permanent resident card. Nonetheless, the typical criteria for being eligible for it consist of:


  • You need to certify under Migration as well as Nationality Act classifications
  • If you are seeking the permanent resident card through work, the application for it needs to be sent by the employer.
  • You are needed to confirm your eligibility for the green card for immigrating to US
  • For immediate family members of the US citizen, visa is conveniently readily available however, for others having an immigrant visa rely on the house nation of the immigrant as well as the visa category.


Furthermore, as an immigrant, you will certainly be needed to apply at the US Citizenship as well as Immigration Solutions for an adjustment in your visa condition to irreversible resident status. The procedure is two-fold. Under the Modification of Status, the immigrant is presently in United States and the Immigration and Citizenship Act alters the condition from immigrant to permanent citizen after the checks are finished. After this step is completed, you are not qualified to leave US yet under outstanding conditions, you are allowed on unique passport provided directly provided by USCIS. You are provided the legal consent to operate in United States on the Employment Permission Files as well as a long-term resident card is sent out after the needed documents, meetings and safety clearance is provided.


But if you are not staying in United States, yet want to come in completely, you can use at the US consulate for an immigration visa. After authorizations and also numerous checks, you will certainly be released the immigrant visa and also when you get in US as an immigrant, the irreversible resident card would be released later.


Though the process appears easy, there are numerous legitimacies that should be satisfied before you could put in your application for the green card. On top of that, you could look for the solutions of an immigration lawyer for processing, documents and advice for the green card procedure. The majorities of migration legal representatives has the latest details and recognize the legal loopholes that can be a challenge in obtaining the long-term resident card. By seeking their advisory as well as lawful services, you can be sure that your application and documents is completed as needed.

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