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Birds Of Prey Flight Show Fail - White Tail Eagle Poops On Audience At Close Range

Trained white tail eagle is performing during the Flight Show at the Oregon Zoo. Before this bird launches from platform 2 to platform 3, it takes a quick "poop" right into the audience that is looking up at the bird at very close range. I imagine this eagle thought it would be easier to fly after lightening it's load into the crowd.

Benefits of Taking Online Education

In today’ time, internet has become the main medium for work we do. From online shopping to communicating with long lost friends and colleagues, socializing through social networks, sharing photos and videos, promoting products and services, finding jobs, meeting and dating other singles, booking your plane ticket and hotel reservation, watching online news, and many more. You’d be surprised to see a young child of age about three years is using computer and accessing the websites of his favorite cartoon show and playing online games offered in it.

Because of the recent advancements in internet technology, we can do almost everything online. This includes acquiring your college degree through online education or online test series. Online education is now possible because some of the universities and colleges saw the internet as a groundbreaking point for their academe services and role. Internet has given them the opportunity to extend their role as an educator to a wider scope of audience. With this, you can learn what the real benefits of online education are.


Number one, online education provides you with more options. Since more and more universities and colleges are starting to embrace the contributions of the internet to consumers, you will have more schools to choose from.

Best of the Northwest and Beyond

Our Meetup group is a great way for people to get out in a safe environment and meet new friends, socialize, network, team up for activities, strengthen our community, and even learn new recreational and social skills. “Welcome to Best of the Northwest and Beyond! A Meetup group for Anyone & Everyone: All Ages. All Interests. All Walks of Life. We look forward to a wide range of Meetup Events: Leisurely Socials at various Local Spots. Local and International Cultural Experiences. Informative and Instructional Activities. Recreation, Sport, and Adventure outings. Travel and Vacation Trips around the Great Northwest, the United States, and even Abroad."

Low-D Productions & Services

With new structure, terms, and processes. Now accepting new clients and new projects. “We Offer Customized Hands On Help For All Your Digital & Technical Needs!”.

“We offer Production & Service for a wide variety of Digital & Technical projects and we can help you with your projects too !! We can help you with all aspects of your Digital & Technical life or business. From Consulting & Research to Custom Hardware, Software & Media Packages. We charge by the hour so you only pay for what you need! Call or Text: 1 (503) 754-2143

Low-D Corp is Hiring!

No experience necessary. If you are looking for very flexible part time or temporary work for a little extra income while working from home, this could be perfect for you. We are looking for Sales Associates, Freelance Authors, Advertising & Networking help, Techs etc. Pay is commissioned or based on the performance of your efforts. Contact Us Today to get started! Call or Text: 1 (503) 754-2143

World Of Warcraft - A Dungeon Guide

Are you a World of Warcraft aficionado? Then you know that the quickest way for you to bring your character from the primary level up to level 80 is by dungeon leveling. And I'm sure that you're aware that the vast majority of leveling guides currently available simply do not support this newer method of leveling. Dungeon leveling has now become increasingly popular as greater numbers of WoW players come to realize how fast using this process can achieve the desired effect of moving their cartoon characters up the 80 plateau. We will offer you a brief dungeon guide to give you a head start on the task.


Dungeon Leveling A Primer


The concept of dungeon leveling requires that you run dungeons to gain the necessary experience to level. Occasionally you'll level at such a high rate of speed that you will reach multiple levels in just one run. I'm sure that most of you know that dungeon leveling came into being via the dungeon finder. This was added through patch 3. 3 that found its genesis in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. What the dungeon finder does is to allow players from all the servers in a particular server group to band together and make a run in an instance. This further allows for players to locate groups in which they can run back to back instances, regardless of the time of day they make these runs. As you can see this information is for the initiated with rules and functionality of the game.


What Matters is Your Role in Party


What must be emphasized about dungeon leveling is that your role in the party is of utmost importance. There is little to no waiting time between dungeons for tanks and healers, however DPS find that there wait times can be much longer by as much as forty minutes in certain instances. This is largely dependent upon how many folks that are in your server group are lining up for dungeons that fall within your present range of level. Considering the relatively short wait times for tanks and healers its tempting for some player to join the queue as a healer or a tank. Doing this just to take advantage of the short waiting period is considered rude if you don't understand what's involved with taking on these roles. So it is imperative that you know what being a tank or a healers entails before you decide to join the queue as one.


Greater Gold Gains


Dungeon leveling has caught on for other reasons bringing additional rewards aside from speedy leveling. You have access to a better grade of loot. The loot dropped by the bosses in the dungeons is vastly superior to what you would find while out during solo questing.


Lest We Forget The Dungeon Quests


During dungeon leveling you'll also have the opportunity to complete the dungeon quests. You will find dungeon quests are available in towns that are inclose proximity to the dungeon's entrance. You have to complete the quest while inside the dungeon which means you are gaining experience by the multiple kills you are making. You also gain considerable experience when you turn in the dungeon quests later on. If you do not win the rolls on the great gear that dropped while you are inside the dungeon, you can be enthusiastic about the rewards gear you get for having completed the dungeon quest is of higher value than what you might have gotten from any solo quest. Well there's your brief foray into the World of Warcraft dungeons, I hope you gained a little more insight to what it takes to master the dungeons.

Memorable trip of my life

We have many interesting days in our life, but some days of our life are such, that we do not forget them. I have such many days in my life, but one day that I cannot forget that day.



The reason why I cannot forget that day, because  my whole family, my all siblings, my parents and my grandfather was also with me and second important thing, the beauty of that island impressed me a lot.

My little sister was responsible to make this plan. We decided to go for this trip on weekend, because weekends are only days, when my all family is present at home. In the early in the morning, we pack all necessary items, like camp, food items, some amount of beef and chicken, small amount of bread, fishing line etc.


We started our journey at 7 A.M in the morning. We cover our distance within 2 hours. We reached at a point, from where we hired a boat to reach the island.



What a beautiful place was that? There is silence everywhere. No buses noise, no pollution. It looks like that I am in fantasy world.


My father selected one place for camp. After that we all changed our dresses and ran towards water. My brother started swimming, while my sister and mother started making barbeque. My father and my grandfather started fishing. When we all tired, we reached the barbeque. Oh what a delicious taste? I cannot forget that taste. Now I think that, may be this was the effect of the environment, that everything was looking awesome.


I and my all siblings then went into the jungle. What a place was that? There is silence and peace everywhere, just the voice of our walking and the sounds of different birds. We remained there for 1 hour, and then we came back.


We did a lot of activities on the island. We all became tired at 9 p.m. We then all moved to our specific camps. At that night, I was still running in the jungle in my dreams. 



Valentines Day is such a wonderful time to remember that LOVE is truly what matters most. What could be better than an entire day set aside to celebrate friends and loved ones and the spirit of goodness? This year I wanted to create a stylish dessert table for Valentines that could hopefully inspire many of you to create your own Valentines displays. Using printables is such an easy way to get a party started and for this Valentines Set I wanted to create something that could work for all types of Valentines celebrations.

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