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Marvel Mall New Capital


The Administrative New Capital is a large-scale task announced by the Egyptian government. The major reason for developing the new city is to relieve congestion in Cairo, which is currently one of the world's most jampacked cities, and proliferating. It will aid to strengthen and diversify the country's financial capacity by producing new places to live, function and check out. In order to draw people to this new city, a collection of key driver developments has actually been developed at its core. This will certainly include a new government administrative area, a social district, a business area and a wide range of metropolitan neighborhoods. The city is prepared to consist of household districts, universities, medical facilities, 40,000 hotel areas, a significant theme park, 91 square kilometers of solar power farms, an electrical railway link with Cairo, and a new global airport terminal.

Marvel Mall New Capital

A prime location neglecting the highway "Al Aml Axis" it is just one of the primary axis crossing the whole new capital from Suez Road.

Marvel Mall lies in MU23 area between household zone R2 and R3 which will be the very first delivered buildings in the new capital Marvel Mall is the closest mall to the central Enterprise zone "CBD", green river, famous Tower (The tallest tower in Africa and governmental district). Planned a dynamic environment would certainly fit all clients' needs in one place that found a minutes from new Cairo, Egypt.

Marvel Mall New Capital Facilities:


Safety and security

Sky lounge


Smart Systems

Cafes & Restaurants

Personal Garage

Commercial Area

Types: Offices- Retail-- Facilities- Shops

Device Locations: 59M

View: All units overlook landscape and water features

Delivery: 2 Years

Car parking: Available

Payment Plan:

0% deposit over 5 years and 15%.

10% deposit over 7 years and 20%.

20% down payment over 8 years and 25%.

Footprint: 20%.

Facilities: Landscape-- Industrial location-- Movie theater-- Gym-- Gym, Health spa-- Children area-- Mall.

How to master the art of social media marketing?

Owning an extravagant website can never guarantee the success of your online business unless you learn how to market it. Here are few flamboyant tips revealed by the best website development company, Esolz Technologies, offering premium web development servicesto grow your business in this digital web world.

Marketing is an indispensable channel that helps any business in driving sales. No business can exist in the long run without practising effective marketing strategies. However, marketing in modern times is different than how it was practised earlier. As more and more customers are inclined towards online shopping, it has become necessary for a business to opt for digital marketing.

Among the various digital marketing instruments that are available online, social media marketing is the supplest tool than can help the business to grow in the long run.

But how to master the skill of social media marketing? Find the answer from the SEO Experts of Best website development company, Esolz Technologies.

Any business needs the support of its customers to grow rapidly. Such support is only possible when they are can generate trust among their potential clients. By leveraging the strength of social media platforms, present-day entrepreneurs can easily build that trust. Here’s how you should handle social media platforms and encourage more audiences to get connected to your brand, thereby, improving business sales.

ü  Upload story-specific content- If you want to reveal anything about your brand, do mention it in the form of a story. Billions of people are using stories, to build trust among audiences. Why not you do the same to move in the right direction.

ü  Use hashtags- Hashtags make it easier for audiences to search a specific content or a theme. It not only encourages audiences to learn more about the brand but easily grabs their attention. Next time, whenever you post content don’t forget to use hashtags.

ü  Share content on multiple platforms- Create an account on multiple platforms and share the content you have created on all of them, to spread the brand message and add new followers.

ü  Create a group- Forming group makes it easier for business to identify target audiences. It also helps business to generate leads and drive traffic to the website, improving the conversion rates.

ü  Start conversations- Interact more with your audiences on social media platforms. Message them directly, send them notifications, take their feedback and encourage them to try more of your services.

ü  Connect with micro-influencers- Connecting with influencers might turn out to be expensive for your brand. You can always connect with micro-influencers, who might not have as many followers as influencers but even they have followers anywhere between 1000- 1, 00,000 and can help your business in building brand reputation.

ü  Consider social media ads- When you choose social media ads, it becomes easier for business to promote content, rather than promoting products. You can pay advertisers for publishing any video content or blog post on social media platforms, and improve brand visibility among your target audiences.

ü  HostContest- You can arrange content on social media platforms to promote your business. The obvious advantage of host contest is that business can gain new followers and improve business sales.

ü  Track success- Make sure to use various metrics to monitor the volume of audiences viewing you every day and understand the popularity you have gained on social media platforms.



Never restrain yourself when you have the option to unfurl your wings. Take decision wisely, while dealing with multiple social media platforms, as it is the key towards improving the business process online.


For any assistance, reach out to the SEO experts of Esolz Technologies Pvt. Limited, a premier website development company and know, what suits the best for your business to grow online? Peep into our website, to know about our company.


Delhi to Agra Taxi - A Journey Down Under



Delhi to Agra Taxi is one of the most reliable sources of transportation to reach out for the city of love from the nationwide capital. Agra is the greatest historical venue in whole globe concerning the fact that one of the most attractive and impressive wonder for the world is situated over here.


As a city it is regarded as a worldwide icon making it represent India before whole globe. Agra was the prophetical community throughout the regime of wonderful Mughals. A taxi from Delhi is a really quick and a quick option to get to Agra to get that particular sensation of love and sacrifice.


A cab solution that drops you to your desired destination of culture and background serves necessary in our existing transportation division. Agra which is somewhere around 127 or barely 200 km and it takes 4 to 5 weird hr. to get to there.


The traditional and remarkably constructed city which was considered as one of the most essential city which utilize to finds under Mughals territory. As Agra holds the title of huge city, it has turned into one of the leading traveler attraction point. The city is always jam pact by the vacationer and the art fan hence, making basic methods of transportation go little frantic when travelling via them.


Agra additionally do hold an industrial history making it often visited by individuals and people that are not comfy in taking a trip with the inconvenience and the crowd can surely opt out for Delhi to Agra taxi services. These services are ultra-comfortable and practical and offer a customer a remarkable mode of transportation.


A cab facility to Agra does not only help vacationers or for the people who see Agra due to their love for monoliths and history, it can help those individuals who got themselves a terrific bond with Agra to Delhi Taxi routinely go to the city.


Agra is the cultural center for numerous points and it is very important to see their, so these cab solutions can aid in achieving those objectives in a well prepared and in a confronting way. Security and safety is in top of their priority listing without distracting the integrity and personal privacy of an individual.


These cabs can be actually extremely price efficient pertaining to the fact they come with superb and praiseworthy benefits. These qualities are extremely easy to expose and can be armed into your toolbox and can assist you in obtaining you a non-laborious and tension less trip.

Essential Tips to Improve your small scale business through Facebook Marketing

Facebook, with its tremendous popularity, is currently reigning the web world, and this popularity will continue to grow in future, which is quite visible from the number of users creating account every day. You can always Facebook to improve your online business. How? Check it out from the Top web design company, Futuristic Bug, offering exclusive website design services.

If you think owning a website can guarantee its success, then somewhere you are wrong. A website is a great platform to showcase your business, but unless that platform reaches your target audience, achieving the goal can become quite challenging.

Digital marketing plays a crucial role and using Facebook as a platform for digital marketing is indeed the best idea. So, here are some essential tips you must take care of before you start thinking about marketing via the Facebook platform.

·         Set your goal-Unless you set your goal, designing a roadmap to accomplish that goal can be very difficult. But to do that you need to do a little bit of research and choose the areas you need to focus like- improving brand awareness, improving the sales or whether to improve social engagement. Once, you have set clear goals, you can get an idea of where to give it a start.

·         Understand your audiences-Understanding your audience is a vital factor for determining the suitable strategies to be employed. Both demographic and psychographic segmentation should be addressed, to have a better understanding of your audiences.

·         Build relationships with your audiences- Once you have a clear understanding about your audiences you need to establish a healthy relation with them to bridge any underlying gap. This you can do by creating a group, interacting directly with them, taking regular feedbacks, answering their queries, asking them to give reviews and solving their grievances, as not all customers are happy. So, you have to give priority to your unhappy customers and make them delighted. 

·         Use engaging content-We all know content is the king. As human beings are emotional, and engaging content can always create a significant impact in their mind and pique their interest to know more about your brand and the services that are being offered. Content can be anything from telling a story, a long post to writing blogs. But, make sure the content you choose is catchy enough and always try to update the same involving fresh content.

·         Create Ad Strategy for Facebook-It doesn’t matter if you have started the business from scratch or is an established one creating ad strategy for Facebook can never go wrong. You can go for paid Ads, as Facebook is among those platforms which can reach the maximum audiences within a short time. If you find your audiences are available on Facebook, you can go for Paid ads and make sure to update those content regularly to keep your audiences well-informed. 

·         Analyze the result-After struggling so hard on the above-mentioned strategies, you must analyze the results to find out the improvements you have made. Only then you can realize your proximity from your goal. If you feel you are not too far from reaching your target, then you must be moving on the right track, but otherwise, you have to reconsider the various factors where you are going wrong and make improvements to find the best results.

Bottom Line

Now that when you are aware of the factors that can help you market your brand online, why not start plotting them to improve your brand visibility. Budget can never be an issue for you.

Need assistance? Choose us to be a part of your journey online.

At Futuristic Bug, we offer custom website design services to make your business boom, that too fitting perfectly to your budget. So why delay? Talk to our experts if you are looking for the Top web design company in Kolkata.

Here’s how Mobile app can benefit your business?

Handy, Trendy mobile phones are no longer considered as a device to make phone calls. It has something more to offer or rather something great. Yes, it has the power store all your business products and makes them available to your potential clients. How? Check it out from the best website development company.

In-store business is too hard to handle, especially during this pandemic situation due to COVID-19, when your potential clients are not going outside unless they have got some urgent work to do. People prefer buying online products than visiting the store to confine the spread of this disease. Among the various available devices, thanks to technological evolution, the most notable ones are mobile phones. Right from giving a phone call to conducting a meeting and purchasing products, the benefit of having a mobile phone is endless.

The reason for such popularity is obviously because of its size and function. This is also why you can effortlessly run your business on a mobile phone, without spending a hefty amount on purchasing a store.

Having a mobile app is not only cost-effective but it can also help you to reach your potential clients. Here are some of the advantages of a mobile app, as discussed by the best website development company, Esolz Technologies, offering high-end website development services.

·         Gives a user-friendly experience -Since a majority of your potential clients make an online purchase through their mobile phones, a mobile app can always dig their interest. They can often go through your products as and when necessary, giving them a seamless experience. 

·         Establishes a strong bond-As you are always in the reach of your potential clients you can always maintain a strong bonding with them. You can easily make them aware of your brand, spread your brand message and make them aware of the new arrival products to promote the sale.

·         Stay connected- You can remain connected with your customers, irrespective of the day and time. You don’t need to stay online to answer all their queries. Your customers can always get the necessary information by entering your website through the app. In case they are not able to find the particular products that they are looking for, they can always ask a question to chatbots and get back their answers too.

·         Expect to earn a maximum profit-When your potential clients continuously scan the various products that are made available to them. At one time or another, they feel the urge to purchase some of those products. This automatically improves the sale of products, and as a result, you can expect to earn more profit than an in-store business.

·         Track your users-Having an app also gives you the facility to know more about your users, their demands, geographical location. This is also important an important part which you cannot ignore when you are analyzing your clients and their preferences for future growth.


If you can structure the app correctly, you are bound to get a positive response from your potential clients. Whenever you invest in an app, you are more likely to earn more profit than without an app.

 Today, nearly 90% of the company who owns a website, is having an app for the smooth functioning of their business. So, unless you have an app, you will be lagging far behind your competitors. Why take such a risk? Need assistance? Take expert advice from the best website development company.

At Esolz Technologies, we not only offer-end-to end website development services but also make sure our customers are happy with the services provided by us and have been successful in reaching their goal. Reach out to us for any queries, and we shall be happy to answer all of them.

Explicit reasons for choosing the best Website Development Company

You might reach out to a freelancer for the development of a website, but hiring the best Website Development Company might turn out to be more profitable. Why? Check it out yourself.

A website indeed allows you to reach out to your potential clients and improve the sale of your business. But there is also another harsh truth - any website can’t help you to achieve your goal. For that, all you need is a professional, unique and appealing website.

At present there over 1 billion websites among and this number are continuously changing because every second new website is getting launched and every online entrepreneur aim to reach their global customers using the power of a website. But not all succeed in achieving their goals. Some face the budget issue and as a result, fail to hire a professional designer and some despite hiring a professional the designer doesn’t get the service they actually need, due to lack of professionalism.

Hiring the best Website Development Company is the best option any online entrepreneur can have. The reasons are briefly explained below-

You can reach out to an entire team-Being a start-up company you might have a very limited budget. For the complete development of a website, you need a website designer, developer, Content writer, and an SEO expert who can help you to get the best possible website and impress your target audience by offering interesting content. They can also help you in improving your website visibility on search engines for better acceptance. But hiring professionals for individual purposes can be quite expensive.

Whereas, by hiring the best website development company, you can directly reach out to any of the team members you want for the development process of your website and take their expert advice for better business. The best part is that you can hire the entire team fitting your budget. So you don’t have to invest beyond budget.

Expect to get professional service-Since the Best website Development Company has many years of experience, their professional designer and developers can easily understand business criteria and offer services that fit perfectly to their business requirements. So, as an entrepreneur, you can always expect to get professional service from them without taking extra stress. Also, you don’t need to fear about missed deadlines, as they try to keep their promise unless any major hurdles come their way.

Get assistance even after project delivery-Any freelancer can easily create a website and give that professional touch too. But not all can give after delivery to support the business. Whereas, you can always rely on the best web development company. If they promise to give after delivery support they will surely do that whenever any problem arises related to the website.

Assist with Digital Marketing-Competition in the web world is huge. Any freelancer can design the website of your company, but to make your website available to your potential clients you need to follow SEO rules and develop the website accordingly. Here, you also need the assistance of SEO-experts who can sit with the development team and guide them in the process for better website visibility. So, on choosing the best website development company you can easily get assistance with Digital Marketing and bypass your competitors online.

Bottom Line

When you can get so many benefits from the best Website Development Company, it will preferably be the best idea to hire their website design services before you embark on the journey towards your goal. If the budget is what restricting you from hiring then just stop worrying much because eventually, you will be the winner. You can expect to earn more profit than what you originally invested.

Are you planning to get your company’s website? Why not get in touch with Futuristic Bug. Being the Best Website Development Company, we understand your business needs and offer you services accordingly that too within your budget, to promote your business on the web world.

How to get started with a profitable venture online?

It’s time to throw some light on the proven ways that can improve your online business. Read it carefully, to do better business.

Technological evolution has opened various ways for entrepreneurs to carry on their businesses, even from their homes. However, to keep up the pace in this competitive business world, it has become mandatory for businesses to make efficient plans apart from having a top-quality website, before entering the digital world. Why so?

The moment you enter the web world, you will come across many sellers trading almost similar stuff like yours. Competing with those sellers is a big challenge because they have already established their brand and are well known among your potential clients. So unless you have some unique plan for your start-up, reaching the target is quite hard.

Here are some advice from the best web development company, Esolz Technologies that should be followed, if you want to stay away from your competitors and make your business grow.

·         Discover your passion- Before start with any business, make sure you are passionate about it and can proceed further with it confidently. All this is because once you are confident about your services, it will shine on your eyes and can easily gain the confidence of your potential users. If you read the success stories of the majority of entrepreneurs, you will find them to chase their dreams. At times they failed but never lost hope. So, it’s best to follow your passion for the best results.

·         Know your target audience-Once you are confident about the kind of business you aim to start, do some research on your target audience. Go through their demographic profile and understand the kind of support or services they need.

·         Choose comprehensive website design services-After carefully reading about your target audience, create a platform that can help you to run your business on the web world. Hire any web development company that can create the most appealing website for your business and also offer comprehensive website design services to improve your website visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

·         Make effective Digital Marketing plan-It’s time to start branding. Unless you know how to brag about your business, competing with your competitors can be quite challenging. Make use of social media platforms and other marketing tools like video marketing, email marketing to grab the attention of your potential clients and impress them. Customers look for feedback and reviews on social media platforms before making the purchase decision. So, move the business on the right track. You can take the help of the SEO experts of the best website development company to make an effective digital marketing plan and improve your brand reputation.

·         Sit back and have fun- Success cannot be achieved fortnight. Even after performing all the tasks from your end, you need to give some time to your business to bring significant results. So till that time you just need to sit back and carry on your business.

Time to take action

Now, that you are aware of the strategy you need to follow, why not get started with it and make a profitable venture online? For assistance, talk to the experts of Esolz Technologies. We are the best web development company, offering unparalleled website design services for a successful online business. Want to know more about us? Simply visit our website and get all the details alongside the clients we have worked so far.

Know the advantages of link building for your e-commerce business

Link building is one of the various strategies followed by search engine experts to optimize website ranking. To know how your online business can benefit from link building, read this article.

Publicizing a website is equally important like that of its development. To do so, the efforts of SEO expertise plays a significant role. They are aware of the various strategies that can help in the optimization of website ranking and driving increased traffic towards a website. Link building is one such practice that they prioritize on, improving the website ranking on the search engine. In fact, it is one of the hardest jobs they do, and it also plays a major role in the success of an e-commerce business. Why? Check it out yourself from the leading Website Design Company Futuristic Bug.

Before getting into further details, you must understand the concept of link building. What is Link Building?

In easy language, link building is the process of linking different websites along with your website. Generally, the Search engine experts acquire the hyperlinks of another website and add it to your website, so that web crawlers can easily crawl the different pages of your website following the link and mark it as important.

The process might look easy to some of you, but it is equally difficult. The reason is, if by any chance an SEO expert links an irrelevant website to your existing one, then it can do more damage than doing well. So, an SEO expert needs to be a master in building links for improving website visibility.

Know how it can turn out to be advantageous for your business?

Linking relevant websites to that of your can surely help in boosting your website ranking. Apart from this, there are other advantages as well. They are as follows-

Gain referral traffic- As your website gets linked with another relevant website, it becomes easier for you to increase your site traffic. Since the target audience remains the same, interested buyers who visit that website might get interested in the products you sell and start purchasing it from your website.

Builds Relationships-Since link building allows you to get connected with other websites and blog sites, you can establish strong relationship with those companies and the key influencers in the long run, which also helps in gaining buyers' confidence and thereby improving sales.

Brand Awareness - Link building is also helpful in establishing a brand by reaching out to key influences, potential customers via good links and thereby making other people aware of your brand name. But this is possible when you are aware of the appropriate technique like creating engaging content to give complete information about your brand to the web browsers.


Hopefully, now you have got a clear picture of link building and its various advantages. For more information, you can talk to the search engine experts of Futuristic Bug, the leading Website Design Company.  Just give us a call or simply visit our website to know more about our company and also to take advice on any web related problem. Our diligent developers and designers will be happy to answer all your queries and make your online business grow.

Effective web design services to bloom your online business

Before approaching the top web development company for their effective web design services, know the various services offered by them and the essential services you need, to thrive your online business.

Are you on the verge of getting having an online platform to impress your customers online? Then you must be looking for the top web development company to avail of their high-end web design services.  But are you sure about the services you must avail of to fulfill your purpose?

Just remember one thing if your website fails to draw your visitor’s attention, it will always fail to generate leads or real customers. Therefore, a website needs to meet all requirements of target customers for the continual success of your online business. It is possible only when you are aware of the basic services offered by the top web development company.

Here is the list for you-

·       Graphic design

·       Web page development

·       On-page SEO

·       Domain Name Registration

·       Link Building

·       Form creation

·       Social Media Marketing

Now, look for the services you need for better lead generation-

User-Friendly Design-The the entire purpose of a website is to boost website traffic for better sales. So, unless you have a user-friendly website, it is difficult to generate leads from a website. Moreover, since the majority of users prefer accessing the internet using mobile phones, a mobile-friendly design, with better navigation is what you must avail of from the top web development company.

Content Creation-To pique your target user’s interest, you need catchy content with all necessary information. So, you must not forget to take the help of the content writer who can create unique content for your website after careful research work.

Digital Marketing-Marketing is an essential part of branding any business. Effective digital marketing strategies not only improve the website’s visibility but also builds brand credibility by gaining users' trust. An SEO-expert knows how to make effective marketing plans that can make your business grow.

Web Analytics-Unless you can track your audience, collect necessary data, you can never know the areas that need improvement to boost up the business process. For this, it is vital to must avail weekly reports in the form of graphs, charts or diagrams from webmasters of Top Web Development Company.

Final Note

Many entrepreneurs feel that getting a website is the ideal solution to all your business problems online. But they don’t know that unless you market your website to improve its visibility, it’s quite difficult for a website to survive in this competitive business world.

What are you waiting for? Why take the chance when the top web development company is offering all kinds of web design servicesContact Esolz Technologies to get perfect solutions to all your web related problems and make your business grow exponentially. Worried about the budget? Don’t be so, as we offer exclusive services that too within your budget.

Get Over Male Infertility - Just How Conventional Medicine Assists to Deal With Hypospadias and also Epispadias


As we stated in previous article, traditional medicine plays an important duty as well as the majority of the time, it is the initial treatment for a couple who of what ever before reason web cam not develop after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse or cannot carry the maternity to full term. With the advancement of medical technology, Some the inability to conceive are triggered by structure problem and can be fixed through surgical procedure. In this write-up, we will go over exactly how conventional surgery assists to treat hypospadias and also epispadias.

I. Meaning

These are hereditary birth defect problems, where the opening of the penis is either on the under side or upper side of the penis, leading ejaculation malfunction.

II. Reasons

1. Drug

Medicine antihistamine loratadine is taken early in maternity could create hypospadias.

2. Profession

Particular profession where the mother subjected to particular chemical may interfere with the endocrine system, leading to frequency of hypospadias to their children.

3, Bladder issue

Epispadias might be caused by bladder crack expanding into the urethra as well as ending up being an opening in the upper surface of the penis.

II. How standard surgical procedure assists to treat hypospadias as well as epispadias

These types of condition can be reversed by surgical procedure

1. Hypospadias surgical treatment

In males with hypospadias, one Hypospadias Surgery in Karachi normally suffices to repair the issue. By using the a flap of skin to construct or prolong the urethra, your medical professional creates a brand-new opening as well as the opening is closed.

2. Epispadias surgery.

Repairing an epispadias is usually carried out in the early youth with penile straightening by resection of the chordee and creation of a new penis penciling with quality and also urethroplasty to prevent any kind of proble when the penis is erected surgical procedure for these flaws succeeds 70 to 80% of the time.

IV. Threats

Surgical risks, given that surgical treatment is needed.